About the "Happy Hour" Project

Cameron Stiehl and Travis Valentine at Pride 2012

Happy Hour with Cameron Stiehl is a series created by a dedicated team of filmmakers that captures the stories of members of the LGBT community and their families and friends. (Click here for Season One Finale video that explains it all!)

It’s easy to fear the unknown. We are nervous around strangers and more so around those who seem very different from us. But sit down and have a chat with a new acquaintance over a drink? Many times, you’ve made a friend by the end of the night.

Imagine taking that concept global…the possibilities are endless.

We believe in the power of story-telling to make a difference. So, we are inviting the world to happy hour to meet our friends and share those stories. These friends are amazing, strong, and passionate gay, lesbian, bisexual. and transgender individuals who are leading fulfilling lives, serving their communities and contributing to society in meaningful, important ways.

And boy, do they have stories! Sometimes juicy, sometimes sad, often hilarious—and always inspiring. These tales are full of hope. We want to get them out there! We believe that when these authentic stories are shared in this way, the fear and fences between communities disappear and stronger connections will be forged.

Our production company, Front Window Productions, is now fortunate enough to be connected with and helping to support GLAAD and the Trevor Project.

Our Goals

  • End discrimination and bullying
  • Squash stereotypes and encourage authenticity in media and beyond
  • Offer support to LGBT youth
  • Capture our colorful history in appreciation of our hard-earned freedoms
  • Build stronger, more supportive connections within the gay community and the community at large