Joe Castiglione

Joe Castiglione

Joe Castiglione, our renaissance man, is super excited to share his life experiences with Happy Hour With Cameron Stiehl.  A California native, Joe was adopted by a wonderful couple in San Diego.  While attending Catholic school, which he admits hating, Joe desperately sought creative outlets in band, choir, theater, dance, and art.

Joe attended San Diego State University where he pursued his natural ability to learn foreign languages.  He grew up speaking Spanish and studied German, French and Japanese in high school, and ended up majoring in Spanish and Portuguese with a minor in Linguistics.  He was also very active on campus in various leadership, cultural, and artistic organizations including SDSU Ambassadors, Residence Hall Association, SDSU Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Student Union, Concert Choir, Men’s Choir, and the University Dance Company.  Joe practiced Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and numerous forms of international folk dancing.

When Joe graduated, he immediately moved to San Francisco.  He began working in the hospitality industry at the W Hotel where his friendly, warm, and inviting personality truly shined.  After a couple of years, he decided to go to back to school and get his Master’s degree; however, this time it would be in a completely different field: fashion.

After years of drawing, painting, sewing, and silk screening, Joe received his Master of Fine Arts in Fashion Design with emphasis in Menswear and Textile Design.  Utilizing hand drawing and digital technology, Joe produces interesting and creative menswear and textile collections.  In textile design, Joe finally felt like he had discovered his point of view as an artist.

Joe has also been very involved in the fitness industry for the last decade as a Group Exercise Instructor teaching various workout formats including everything from Ballet Pilates to TurboKick Boxing.  Now specializing in Zumba, Joe teaches all around the Bay Area, inspiring people to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle and finally feels like his dance background and fitness experience are fully.

Joe has a lot to tell you and hopes you’re ready to spend a happy hour together!