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My name is Mark. Born into a good Mormon family in Utah, I was blessed with a bohemian mother who was never entirely happy being a housewife and who left my father 4 short years later to bring her three children to California. I grew up in Sacramento and have had an amazing life! We never had a lot of money and my mother worked multiple jobs to pay the bills, but she prioritized happiness and made sure weekends were always free for fun. Cheap fun...but fun just the same. OK, so maybe taking three children under the age of 14 to see the movie Jaws just because it was the only movie playing at the $1 theater wasn't the best idea, but who needs to swim in the ocean for the rest of their lives anyway?!?

I'm now 45, have a 13-year-old daughter, and have experienced love, loss and everything in between. I came out of the closet in 1983 at the age of 15 when there was no Will and Grace, Ellen DeGeneres, or anything else that showed me there was an actual word for what I I now live openly and honestly and stand up for what I believe. I see time passing way too quickly and strive to stop and smell the roses frequently. Most of the time I'm even successful. I'm blessed to live in San Francisco and raise my daughter in an environment of diversity, inclusion, and lots of tattoos. I have seven.

I exercise regularly, eat well, and live with a wonderful man who I plan to share my life with. Ensuring the safe care and protection of animals is my greatest passion. I value family and optimism and chocolate, but not always in that order. Oh, and my former Mormon housewife mother is now a lesbian. Did I mention that part?!?

Life is good and I am happy. :)