The Lechner Family story is told in three parts. In Part 1, Paul Lechner: Taboo Love Lasts, we meet Cameron's long time friend, Paul. Then in Part 2, Rolando Pansoy: The Party Boy Gets Grounded, we talk with Ro, Paul's husband. In the third and final installment, That Is Life: The Lechner Family Story, we bring it all together with conversations with Paul's parents, Kathy and Bob, as well as the best part of all, an interview with Aubrey, Paul's amazing sister. We dare you not to cry.

Use the links above to watch the videos and see below for more about Paul and Ro in their own words.

A note from Paul:


I’m Paul and am happy to have known Cameron for many years – we met while working together at AAA in San Francisco. I have been an event planner in the Bay Area for almost 11 years and currently work for the University of California.

I’m a bay area native, growing up in Livermore with my 3 younger siblings. My grandparents and parents have always stressed the importance of family and I’m proud to say I’m the man I am today thanks to my incredible, supportive family.

I am a newly married man – my husband, Rolando, and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary this past October. I’m thankful to have married a man who appreciates the importance of family as much as I do.

I enjoy traveling with my husband and family any chance we get. While there are no plans for children at this time – much to my mother’s disappointment – many more travel itineraries are on the books and I can’t wait to see more of the world.

While not on vacation or in the office, I enjoy putting my event planning skills toward charitable organizations. One organization I hold in high regard is the Cerebral Palsy Center in Oakland. My sister has been a client for several years, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful clients and staff through our time there. If you enjoy crab and want to support a great cause, the CP Center hosts an annual Crab Feed fundraiser the first week of February each year. See for more details!

We did it! Cameron marries Ro & Paul, October 5th, 2013.

We did it! Cameron marries Ro & Paul, October 5th, 2013.

The Lechners

The Lechners

A note from Ro:

My name is Rolando and I was introduced to Cameron through my husband Paul almost 6 years ago.  I have been working for the University California of San Francisco for almost 9 years as a Business Analyst.

I was born in the Philippines at Clark United States Air Force Base in Angeles City.  I have 3 sisters, one older and two younger.  I was raised by my grandparents on both sides of my family who taught me the important values of hard work and treating others how you would like to be treated.

I got married to my husband Paul on my birthday last year.  He keeps me level-headed, and he is an amazing travel companion. 

In my spare time, I like to ride my road bike through the vineyards of Livermore Valley.  I am also still in school at Cal State, and I wish to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Business. 

Someday, I hope to learn how to tap dance like my grandmother did when she retired.