See Tyler Perry Tschantz tell some truth about life, death, and Disturbia over a cocktail or two in Episode 4 of Happy Hour with Cameron Stiehl! (Strong language warning! It gets real.) Read even more about Tyler, in his own words, below.

Tyler's alter-ego, Disturbia!

Tyler's alter-ego, Disturbia!

I was born in rural Ohio, in what my grandmother called "God's country." When I was 10, my cousin Ned came out and I saw what my destiny would be if I were to do the same. Ned was banned from any family celebrations, and any mention of him was done in hushed, horrified tones. I keenly recall my father spitting the lines: " .... And he's proud of it, actually proud to be a fairy!"  So in this environment, I tried to suppress my "unnatural urges." I was outwardly a fun-loving kid, but inside I was terrified and confused.

The summer after high school graduation I was almost killed in a horrific car crash. My recovery stunned the doctors and I healed fully without the expected need for plastic surgery. This was my epiphany moment: I had been given a second chance to live life to the fullest! It became my goal to do EVERYTHING at least once. Was kissing another boy part of it?  Well, I did promise myself everything...

To escape the restrictions of rural life and family, I moved as far west as I could, ending up at UCSC in Santa Cruz. In California's more tolerant environment, I experienced true love for the first time. Phil and I were together through the worst of the AIDS epidemic, earthquakes, mudslides, and our own ever-evolving relationship. Cancer took Phil away from me after 17 beautiful years.

My search for my place in the world has taken me to Santa Cruz, New Orleans, Austin, and now I call San Francisco home. And, yep, there's now another wonderful man in my life...I mean, how can you not fall for a man who comes to a Halloween party dressed as your safe word, “Pink Unicorn?!” I don't know where this journey will take us, but it sure is a blast!