The Supreme Court holds our future in its hands

Demonstrations have been peaceful and celebratory here in San Francisco as the Supreme Court has been listening to evidence regarding Prop 8 and DOMA over the past two days. You can feel the optimism in the air and see the solidarity building all over Facebook as, one by one, users gay and straight turn their profile pictures red to show their support for equal rights. It's time. The country is changing. 58% of Americans believe that same-sex couples should have the right to marry if they choose to do so. We've come so far, even over the past decade, that it's getting easier to feel hopeful. It is still hard to hear that many people don't see gays and lesbians as equals under the law or under God or whatever their particular beef is. There's still too much bigotry out there. The fight is not over. But by the end of June, we should have some potentially life-changing, world-changing decisions come down from those justices. I'm cautiously optimistic that they're going to give us something amazing to celebrate this Pride season! Keep wearing red, everyone! Banding together and supporting each other is the best way to show the world how truly wonderful we are. ;-)
Much love!

And to keep up with the latest, check out the NCLR site. They know how to explain this stuff better than anyone as they're right in the fray, fighting for us!