Bring on the donations!

We sure love doing this show. Yes, I know, you've only seen 3 episodes...but trust me. There are SEVEN more shot and in the editing process. You are going to love them. We should be able to release them weekly beginning next week. Ish. There's one more side project (that we also have to keep secret but could NOT be more excited about) that has come up to give us another small delay. But's worth it. Wait 'til you see!

The break has given us a little time to assess, though, which is nice. Except that we have to admit that the show is getting more and more expensive to produce the way we want to produce it and, um, money still isn't growing on trees. Darn. Our little fundraiser parties are awesome and fun, but we need a longer term plan. Step one? Paypal. See our "Get Involved" page for details. There's a new button on there that will lead to a very easy way to support our cause! (I did it myself....I'm kind of proud. Even if you don't donate, just look at it, ok? Thanks!)

Next steps include finishing up our marketing plan to submit to businesses to form collaborations and opportunities for sponsorship. We have a few businesses already on board and are excited to get out there and WORK IT!

Love to you all!