My Drunk Kitchen meets Happy Hour with Cameron Stiehl

Finally, I can talk about it! A few months back, I saw that one of my favorite people, Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen fame, was taking her show on the road to get drunk and cook in OTHER people's kitchens. I'd been watching her show for awhile and loved every minute of it. In fact, on this very recent New Year's Day, in our bleary, slightly hung-over, well-fed, lethargic state (thanks Dad!) my father, friends, and I gathered around the projection screen for a My Drunk Kitchen marathon and laughed our champagne-laden heads off. I must say, I could see that becoming a holiday tradition.

Back to the road trip. Even before there was a challenge to "pitch your kitchen" I thought, "what if we made a video to invite them to come cook and drink here?" We were almost done with it before I realized there was an actual submission process. And while I am fortunate that we had JUST started working on HHWCS when all this happened, it was NOT about promoting ourselves. I wanted Hannah in my kitchen (and my actual kitchen is too small so we pimped out Joe and Travis's) because we are huge fans of hers and she is my personal inspiration to do what I do. So there.

When we got the email from Pearl saying that she wanted to talk to us about possibly shooting with us, I thought I was going to hyperventilate. It seemed like such a long-shot. But it happened! We dreamed, we worked, we won! And it felt like we won the lottery when Hannah and the crew came up from LA to shoot with us on their very first road trip episode. Seriously, those people are all wonderful and we had the best time. And the episode goes up tomorrow. I can't wait!

So, sure. I would like to actually interview Hannah on my show someday, but I know I'm not there yet. Soon. (OK, I have my questions written already.) Until then, I am just beyond thrilled that we got to hang out, drink wine, and make food together. Cheers to new friends!!! Here is a little video for you to share a behind-the-scenes peek at that night: MDK meets HHWCS.