Oh, the Bordello!

What were we getting ourselves into!? For shoot day number two (well, technically three, but we will get to that later) we decided we would like to try a more controlled environment. Not that we didn't like working at Trax, who wouldn't? But sound levels were an issue and, quite frankly, we were in the regulars' way. Can't have that! So we decided to rent a rather notorious space previously scouted by Travis for Garden of Eden (coming soon to an actual theater near you) known as The Bordello. And since we were gonna cough up cash for a space, we needed to make good use of it. We recruited three interviewees, Patty Dingle, Jason Belo, and Will Ellis. Could we do three in a day? No idea. One at a time seemed challenging enough at that point. But it was time to step up our game.

Patty was first up. I knew she would be great. I'd known her for years in both personal and professional settings and knew she was extremely smart and well-spoken. She is also used to working in television and radio. She made it easy. If you haven't checked out her Happy Hour interview yet, seriously, you should do so. She's awesome.

Now back to our venue. I mean no disrespect to this historic place or its owners/caretakers in anyway, but WOW. If you ever get an opportunity to see this place, do so. Just make sure your tetanus shots are up to date and you've taken your allergy medicine. It's insane. It's as though stoned hippies got together, bought a bar and thought, hey! Let's make our own Winchester Mystery House -only using found materials. The bar in the front where we shot the episodes is gorgeous. It's got a huge oak bar, beautiful glass, high ceilings, one of many pianos...but underneath that bar? The basement is filled with a variety of dark spaces with tubs, benches, beds, peep holes, and such things as will haunt your dreams for many months to come. Beyond the bar, steps and staircases stretch in all directions to balconies, rooftops, and more half-finished bedrooms and bathrooms than have any right to be there. Don't leave the group. You may never be seen again.

Come to think of it, I kind of miss that place. Maybe we should plan a visit.

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