Drag Queens Yes, Unfair Evictions No

Monday evening, August 6th, 2018, tenants of a 15th Street building here in San Francisco met with supporters to protest an unfair "Ellis Act" eviction they've been fighting for years. Absolute Empresses Alexis Miranda and Renita Valdez, along with their family and roommates, are devastated by these eviction proceedings. It's obvious to protesters and supporters that the building owners are basing their decision to evict these long-time tenants, who are gay men with a long history of activism and fundraising for charitable organizations, based on LGBT discrimination and greed.

While some Ellis Act evictions are warranted and fair, too many San Franciscans face unfair eviction by speculators every day, as they use loopholes and flaws in the rental property laws.

Please lend your support for these tenants and the organizations that are their resources to assist in the fight to keep their homes. And VOTE in November to elect policy-makers who will successfully affect necessary changes in property laws in San Francisco. Together, we can stop the unfair practices that are forcing the artistry and diversity out of our beautiful city.

Big thanks to Joshua Guerci for making this video happen with me!