Challenge Yourself – and Grow!

Back to the Doctor’s Lounge we go! This week we’re bringing back Tyler Perry Tschantz for another look. Seriously, if you haven’t watched his video yet, please do so. What a character! And a super sweet guy.

But let’s talk about that day as it was all about challenges. The location was terrific and we’d been looking forward to shooting there – and hosting a post-shoot after-party – for a long time. Dear friend of the show, David Henry, is an owner of the bar/restaurant and was generous enough to really give us free rein of the place and support us with whatever we needed. He even suggested that we interview Tyler, knowing we would get something good. 

I have to admit, I was nervous. Interview a complete stranger? The thing that had made this show so personal and so fun for me so far had been that I was able to help tell the stories of people I know. Stories I am familiar with. The thought of going into an interview cold made me really nervous. As did trying to do four interviews in a day plus throwing a party afterwards. Oy. If I seem distracted in Saturn’s interview (coming around again soon!) this is why. I was kind of freaking out.

But we all got to the Doctor’s Lounge in time for brunch. And OH MY GOD what a brunch. If you haven’t tried the food there – do. Soon. Thanks to David, the newly invented “Camerontinis” started to flow, too, which helped. (If I remember correctly, it was vodka, St. Germain, a little sweet and sour, and a lot of yumminess.) We got rolling, the guests arrived, the crew set up, and all was working well. Still, my nerves! So when I heard Tyler was at the bar and had actually consented to be interviewed, I went to meet him for a little pre-prep.

Five minutes into my chat with Tyler, I had to stop him. It was TOO good. The cameras weren’t rolling yet and I didn’t want to lose that spontaneity! He was such a natural, had amazing stories, and talking with him was like meeting a long lost best friend for the first time. My butterflies began to settle and I began to realize there was nothing to be nervous about. OK, maybe when I interview Ellen…but short of that, everyone has a story to tell. Everyone just wants to be heard. All I gotta do is be there to ask the right questions. I LOVE this. I’ve been doing it in one way or another for years already and I can’t wait to do more!

I don’t want to sound like a self-help book or a cheesy FaceBook caption over the picture some stupid sunset…but really. If there’s something that you love to do or feel passionate about and it scares you? That’s likely exactly what you should be doing. Try it. Try it again. Try it again. The results will surprise you.