OMG! It’s Raquela!

I knew the shoot-day at Postrio would be different. This was a classy joint where we actually filled out paperwork and signed waivers to be there. Well, it seemed organized – and it was – on OUR end. (Ahem. Whatever. It was awesome. Even when the busboy dropped a huge bin of silverware during the filming.)

The guests could not have been more diverse. Friends all, yes, but a real variety. I’ve known and worked with Mark forever. I am just getting to know Misty well after a couple of years of happy hour acquaintance. And then there’s Raquela: professional singer, songwriter, dancer, Broadway star, hardest working woman I have ever met. I didn’t know her well…but I wanted to as she is amazing. And I’ve been lucky enough to kiss her once. (Yup, bragging. That was awesome, too.)

Raquela bowls me over. Endless energy—seriously, if I could have just half of what she’s got, there would be no end to what I would do. So, how best to showcase her talents in an interview? There was so much story to fit into such a short time. Of course, I was over-thinking it and had no reason to worry. What a star. 

If Raquela could be my guest every single time, filming episodes would be so freaking easy. I didn’t have to do a thing but set her up with a margarita and let her go. Her vocal power almost deafened our sound person, and part of me wondered if it would have been worth it. (Sorry, Paige, but it was good, right?)

I could go on…but really. You should just watch the episode. And please support Raquela's latest project, releasing her single, OMG (I Just Keep On Dancing!). Click here to see how. Thanks!